FIN GEAR Live Scan Pole Mount


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The FIN GEAR Live Scan Pole Mount comes with a mount that can be put into a track system or it can be attached to a rail mount.  (Track System or Rail Mounts need to be purchased separately).

The Ultimate Pole for Forward Facing Sonar Transducers.  This versatile mount allows you to quickly deploy the Live Scan Pole over the side of the boat without having any loose pieces.  To stow away, you simply pull out the locking pin to vertically raise the pole and lift up on the mount to turn the pole horizontally.  The mount allows you to run down the lake at a high speed without taking it off.  When finished for the day, you can easily slide it out of the track or loosen the thumb screws on the rail mount and store for safe keeping.  The Live Scan Pole Mount can be located anywhere in the boat you have track or rail mounts.  The handle is adjustable to any angle of your liking.  The direction of the handle determines what way you are looking with the transducer.  This entire mount is made from solid aluminum with stainless steel screws and will handle the harshest elements in freshwater and saltwater.  It can be used universally with Garmin (Live Scope), Lowrance (Active Target), and Hummingbird (Mega Live Imaging) products.  This Live Scan Pole Mount is available in 48", 60", or 72".   THE POLE WILL ALWAYS BE SILVER- Just the MOUNT will be colored if selected.

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