FIN GEAR Rod Holders


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FIN GEAR Rod Holders were designed to accommodate the angler so that they could have any style rod and reel combination.  For the anglers who fish for many different species this holder will accept your trolling rods, line counters, low profile line counters, bait casters and spinning rods.  They are made from solid aluminum with stainless steel screws and will handle the harshest elements in freshwater and saltwater.  It also adjusts in any direction 360 degrees with no tools by simply lifting up and turning.  To change the direction of the cradle you will pull the locking pin out, adjust the rod holder cradle and the spring-loaded locking pin will automatically lock the cradle in place.  This rod holder will help the angler perfect any kind of fishing technique on the water.  Our rod holders come in different sizes including 2” , 4” , 8” , 12” , 16” , and 20”.


Something else that sets our rod holders apart from the competition is our line minder system on every rod holder.  We have three dials built into each rod holder; this allows you to remember your set while trolling.  You might have one rod set at 120 back from the planer board or boat and the next rod at 80 back, which can be set on the line minder.  This will help you repeat your presentation and catch more fish.

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