FIN GEAR Tool Holder


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FIN GEAR Tool Holder will help you organize your boat tools while on the water.  Many different tools can be accommodated with the different slots we have designed.  Side cutters, needle nose pliers, scissors, crankbait tuner, and screwdrivers now have a specific spot in the boat.

FIN GEAR has taken this tool holder one step further and made the surface area the tools go into out of a High Density Polyethylene material.  It is highly durable and will not splinter or rot and it is corrosion resistant.  With us having a lot of time in our boats, we do not like things that rattle or make noise, it drives us crazy!  So with the HDPE material you will not get that rattle like you would with metal being the surface, and it will protect your tools instead of metal on metal.

Mount directly onto your boat or use the FIN GEAR quick release plate, FIN GEAR track system, or FIN GEAR rail mount.  Silver and Black are standard colors- but available in custom colors as well.   


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